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Social Media Management

Social media marketing is a important for all business.

The Issue is that most:

  • Don’t know where to start or how to effectively grow leads, drive web traffic, expand market reach and convert more sales, faster.
  • Don’t have time or resources to manage their social marketing initiatives.
  • Aren’t social media experts (and don’t want to be!).
  • Can’t keep up with the constant changes and evolution of the platform.

We are certified social media experts with a proven track record of success. We will manage your social marketing campaign so you can focus on what you do best – unless your business is social media.

Our Monthly Social Media Services include but are not limited to:

  • Strategy plan development & monthly goal setting.
  • Visitor tracking and growth documentation against established baselines.
  • Content calendar preparation & posting to your various pages/profiles.
  • Community management – engaging in and managing your social engagement.

Our goal is to effectively promote your products and services, create, maintain and monitor social engagement.


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